The Science

One of the things we struggle with, or one thing I hear about often is stomach fat.  We all can agree that everyone is different right?! What I have learned from working with different people is, your training program alone will not get rid of the stomach you despise. There are a lot of things we must take into consideration when dealing with the human body, science is one of them. There are things happening in the body that you may not be aware of and it could be stopping you from getting that “flat stomach” or “abs”. I am not a doctor so there is but so much I can tell you in that aspect. I will say this, if you honestly feel like after everything you tried, a consistent program, proper nutrition, good sleep, and still nothing, you should definitely see a doctor. They can tell you from blood work if your challenge is something more serious……

Check out this video, it gives so much insight!!



But if you know you aren’t doing what I mentioned or you don’t know what you’re doing, which isn’t unheard of, consider what you are putting into your mouth.

As trainers, we provide tools, only you can control what you do in 24 hrs, we cannot see what you consume. Analyze what you are eating realistically!
While I encourage doing what makes you happy, enjoy food, if you really want results you need to get disciplined.
I don’t mean outrageous “fad diets” or making drastic changes, for my everyday people, it’s a lifestyle, it took you years to build bad habits, better habits wont occur overnight. I want to discuss some things that may be causing a delay in your journey, outside of exercising. We’ve all heard that working out won’t beat poor eating habits, let’s discuss some ways that may be affecting you. Each person has a specific body type, which means, what works for one may not work for the other, this is the deeper aspect as to why you may not be seeing results. Outside of this, there are many myths that we must eliminate from our minds, like assuming foods labeled as healthy are healthy, or you have your own definition of healthy food. In previous post I discussed some things you need to be doing to help, like getting good sleep and eliminating stress, to the best of your ability. Watch this video for some details, and stay tuned for the next post!!