Fitness made Simple: Tips on making it a lifestyle

As a personal trainer my job is to ensure that I have the “remedy” for achieving your fitness goals. I’ve supplied myself with the tools to assist you in getting results. I’ve tested different methods using myself and others.

But as your enthusiast

I’m ecstatic about getting you to love who you are, and simply working on better habits to build a better you, inside and out.

A lot of people can sometimes be intimidated by trainers. Can we blame them?

Not only is this sometimes a reflection of one’s own insecurities but also experiences have set the tone, whether it was your own or the “portrayal” of a “trainer”. There’s also so much different information out there, some simple but may be so simple it’s confusing, based on the market that tends to make it complicated. Starting out with fitness IS actually simple. It’s when you really get deep into it that things may seem complicated, and this can be based off of goals, once you understand the basics.

You don’t have to be a “gym rat” or obsessed with fitness to enjoy it. Simply put, getting results from what you know will usually take you to the next step in the process. And no I don’t mean starting to count macros, or eating a certain amount of meals per day or stacking up on supplements. Once you make the “minor” changes, you begin to have an urgency to see how much further you can take your body. This ladies and gentleman is the exciting part!

First things first, what’s your purpose? Why do you want to change? Really think about the reasoning behind this before answering!

Do you want to look good in your clothes? Do you dislike what you see based on society’s terms? Do you wish there was magic to get you to that ideal figure?
If any of this is your focus, I’ll be honest, you won’t last!

Patience is one of the key factors in understanding fitness. Without it you’re doomed!

You may get somewhere with this, but usually, the motivation dies. As your enthusiast, I don’t want that. I’m not saying that you will enjoy this, I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying you have to step away from the ego aspect of training to actually see results.
You see when we workout from a place of ego, we can sometimes “overtrain”, and overtraining can slow down progress.
Even if you go hard, you still need to recover in order to get anywhere near your goals and sometimes progression isn’t always a fast process, especially when dealing with the body.

Now let’s get down to the stereotypical workouts that most people turn to, jogging and walking!

I’m not saying these things aren’t good, but in all honesty, it’s better if it’s an “addition” to your program and not JUST the program. While this is a good way to burn calories, it will not make you stronger, or make the body “toned” and let’s be serious you’re training for physical change, simply doing these moves won’t achieve that.
Have you ever heard the term “good stress”, that is working out. Putting your body out of it’s comfort level can cause a major difference, the more intune you are with your body, the more motivated you will be, which in turn keeps you going back for more. Every workout will not feel this way, you will have days where you don’t want to do it and that’s OK, we just don’t want days to turn to months, years. This is where your mind comes in. Sometimes you may even need to trick your mind, and even though I said step out of the ego, you may need to use ego tactics to get disciplined.

Ego tactics can be an old photo of you, the body you want back, it can be a photo of clothing you want to work up the guts to wear but your body is not quite there yet. In some cases it may even be someone else, but always be honest with yourself when “comparing” yourself to “body goals”.
Honesty gets us far in this game. As well as accountability. Make sure it is you that is not blocking yourself from achieving your goals.

Now that we’ve covered understanding fitness, let’s discuss the lifestyle.
There are so many methods to make this lifestyle simple, the smallest things can make a difference.
Write down the key things you struggle with that take you off track.
For many its food. I myself love food, different kinds, from veggies and meat to cookies and cakes, I want it all, and I don’t want to beat myself up about it so I take it in with moderation.
One of the things I do is eyeball my calorie intake.
Example: I absolutely love cookies and pastries and sweets period. On a day where I feel I will indulge in that, I watch how much I’m eating as a whole, because when it all boils down, consuming too many calories is the issue, not necessarily what you’re eating. And because I despise water the days where I am indulging I make sure to drink plenty.
Do you see how this all plays again with mindset? You mentally have to plan for success.

Some people simply are lazy, yes I said it. It’s so much easier to settle for things than it is to achieve, so, many will take that route.

Take the steps instead of the elevator.

Stand instead of sitting, if you’re interested in growing the booty, there’s a science behind doing this, but I’ll touch on that another time. When you’re in standing positions or just in your house doing nothing but laying down, stretch the body to get the blood flowing, this advances mobility. The feeling can sometimes give you an energy boost!

Do activities that will challenge your mind and your body, all of these lead to the same outcome. Including being in nature. These things can sometimes wake up things in you that motivate you to face the change, but this is something you have to do. Remember this is more about you than it is about who’s helping you.

Now that you have a clear understanding of some of the things you need to start doing……

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