Ascend: Higher Vibration

So now that we understand how we can make fitness a lifestyle and building immunity, let’s talk about our mental. We are all aware of the current climate on earth…..

If any of this is a sensitive topic for you please do not read further, I do not want to add to any stress you may have…..

I like to be completely transparent with my people in regards to my beliefs. When I spoke on the previous topics, I was basically preparing you for this one. Understand that getting exercise and our immune system plays a major role in our lives. I keep reiterating that when you decide to make any changes with your body, you should be fully embracing the person you already are, UNLESS, that person needs work on a soul level. A lot of what we endure in life sets the tone for how we react to things and our choices. There are people who blame their experiences on choices they make. This is not always a good thing, because in some cases it is used as a crutch or an excuse.

Your frame of mind is more important than anything, because it dictates your life. The first thing we say when someone does something extreme is _

I know what I say, what comes to your mind when you hear about certain things like mass shootings or random attacks on people….. just a couple of examples

I always divert to “what were they thinking”, but maybe that’s just me!

Another thing I always say “I’m not a vegan” lol I should be, to be totally honest.
I’m a spiritualist that’s still processing my awakening, and some of the foods I am eating is keeping me from my full potential. I’ve found so many ways to ascend but I still hit road blocks, it’s not only diet causing that, it’s also life! Things beyond my control, some personal and some from this world I live in outside of my own. Earth!

As a business owner there are resources that I feel can help my success. I.e social media. Social Media is a phenomenal tool to extend your reach, your opportunity does not always come from what you’re physically around. But in addition to that, you will come across hate, fear, racism, self mutilation…. all things that lower your vibration. As hard as it is, you cannot allow this to cloud your vision, mentally physically or spiritually.

Exercise is a tool that allows you to go inside of yourself, this in my humble opinion is the baby step into ascension and could take years to fully understand.

Food is abused and is the key to our success as well when trying to raise our vibration, this can also take years to do comfortably. Food from the earth literally can heal our bodies, it is the foods that we have been ingesting that get us sick and cause a lot of ailments that can lead to death, slowly, and the topic at hand….

Everyday stresses also lower vibrations. Think about something you did thats causing you to go through something, even situations you didn’t create, how did you react to it? Because almost all of the time we played a role in things we did or things we allowed. If it’s not going to kill you, should it be consuming your mind, all your concern should be at this point is how you’re going to deal with it going forward and that puts you at a certain level of comfort, to have a clear mind and focus on uplifting things. Anyone that cant get to this level will always be in a state of sadness and these feelings manifest things that don’t allow you to even elevate.

This isn’t an attack on anyone, we must always be clear on taking accountability and not letting challenges soil our minds negatively. Anything you have in your mind, you manifest. So imagine you have managed to find some inner peace, you have things going on but it doesn’t consume you. You going to the gym, eating fresh food, body looking right, just all your inner work plain as day….. You’re vibrating high and manifesting everything you thought about to get you at that happy place. This may not be the model for all but it sounds great.

Right now I feel that many of us are exploring our higher selves, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be spiritually based, but if you’re not taking all of the things mentioned into consideration, reaching your “highest self” may not occur…..