Fitness Made Simple: Eating Habits

In the previous post, I touched base on how to make fitness apart of your lifestyle, and key points on how to simplify it. Feel free to comment and ask any questions.

Right now I want to get into nutrition, just a little. Nutrition can be simple, but if you’re considering body building, modeling, physical fitness competitions or anything that requires you to look “flawless”, you will have to be disciplined!

Even if this is not what your doing but you’re trying to get to “perfect” or closest to that “look” you will have to accurately measure what is going into your body. Just to get this part out of the way, vitamins that the body needs can be achieved by eating whole foods. I am a self proclaimed “foodie’, one may assume that this part of the game is easy for me as a personal trainer, but it isn’t. I have a busy schedule, in order for me to follow a strict regimen throughout the day, would be quite challenging……..

At the beginning of a program that will involve a strict diet you will need to take a physical, although this is not completely necessary, I would recommend it. Once you do that you want to take body measurements and record your weight, as this is needed to calculate the amount of calories you will need to consume each day. Once you have calculated how much calories you need to consume based on your weight, you will need to shop…

Hey who doesn’t like to shop

You have to buy foods that will provide the amount of calories, Carbs Fats and Proteins, you need to get to your goal, and measure it, add a scale to the shopping list. Other things you may have to consider adding to the list are supplements like protein powder, and multivitamins. Then you begin. Did I make that sound simple or you’re still saying “HUH?!”

For many this is not an easy thing at all and who really wants to spend all the time doing this, this is where getting a personal trainer fits in 😁

Sometimes we don’t get all the nutrients we need when eating, that is what the supplements are made for. To achieve certain goals you will have to consume calories equivalent to that, and that is the hard part. When your “bulking”, building muscle, you need a little more calories (surplus) than usual and you have to understand that in a program that includes bulking you will gain fat in addition to muscle, even if you eat “clean”. If losing weight is the goal, this is actually easier, I know it doesn’t seem that way, depending on an individual, but omitting calories (deficit) are done daily by people who don’t eat enough, or people who eat a lot of the wrong foods. If you’re a “foodie” it’s much easier to eat a lot, just smarter. One of the tricks I also play around with is fasting. It’s hard for me to eat early in the morning, I’m an early riser, especially when i’m home. On a day where I may not have such a hectic schedule, but I woke up 6 or 7, I wont eat till 12 and it will most definitely be a big meal because by then I’m REALLY ready to eat. This is how burgers and fries are able to squeeze into my diet because for most of the day I barely had calories. At the end of the day the amount of calories you consume, high or low determines your success!!

This is just a simple way to tackle nutrition in your fitness program. The reason i stress being comfortable with your body is because we can sometimes get frustrated or disappointed when we don’t reach a certain place physically. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim for the stars in this journey, but there are many factors in changing the composition of the body. Genetics can play a major role when looking at someone and wondering why you’re not able to get where they are. Eat the foods you like, just do it in moderation. Drink plenty of water, it makes you feel full, try to stay away from processed foods, not because its “unhealthy”, but because it’s usually has higher calories and a lack of nutrients. The “healthy” diet has more to do with nutrients, not with foods being “unhealthy.